Annual Fee Payable to the Registrar of Companies

All companies registered in Cyprus with the Registrar of Companies are required to pay an annual fee of €350.

The annual fee is payable by 30 June of each year.

For groups of companies, the total amount of the fee payable is capped at €20.000.

When the annual fee is not paid on time, a charge of 10% is imposed if the payment is made within two months from the due date. If the payment is made within five months from the due date, an additional penalty of 30% is imposed.

If the fee is not paid within five months of the due date, the Registrar of Companies will proceed with the removal of the company from the Registry. The fee for re-instating the company is €500 if paid within 2 years from the date of removal and increases to €750 if the payment is made after the two years.